year: 2000

page: 158-165

quicktime movie

Kinetic Light Sculpture

Reactive facade at the Zeilgallery in Frankfurt, 1992
Christian Moeller and Ruediger Kramm

A building fašade which changes color distribution according to current weather conditions. Behind a screen of perforated aluminum, 120 floodlights fade from blue to yellow, illuminating the front of the building.
The overall image is directed by a weather station on top of the building: the ambient temperature (variables: 0║-30║ C) determines the amount of yellow on the blue wall. The yellow patches move in line with the direction of the wind.
Wind speed governs how fast they move over the surface. Rain substitutes for wind and causes patches of yellow to fall vertically. The upper area of the facade is crossed horizontally by the wide, rapidly changing line graphic (LED-Display 4m x 20m) that visualizes the noise in the street in real-time.

Programming: Gideon May
Light design: Christian Bartenbach
Developer: Dr. Juergen Schneider