year: 2000

page: 96-101

quicktime movie

Light Blaster: Immaterial Membrane

Interactive light and sound installation at Design Horizonte, Naxos Halle. Frankfurt, 1993.

This installation allows the visitor to control a membrane of light with the frequency of her heartbeat, resulting in an almost overwhelming physical experience.

The side of the installation which faces the viewer, is made up of a 4 by 5 meter square wall of light. A water-cooled 4 W argon laser scans this plane of light by projecting its blue-green laser ray via glass fiber onto a spinning mirror. The scanner mechanism rests on a 3 meter long, computer-controlled forward-feed toothed belt. An electronic pulse and oxygen monitor communicates the viewer's heart rate to the computer system. The pulse signal moves the light plane backwards and forwards in front of the viewer in a corresponding beating motion. A loudspeaker system transmits the sounds of the beating heart synchronized with the pulsating motion of the membrane of light in space.

Programming: Daniel Schmitt and Sven Thoene
Laser technology: Hartmut Florin